The British University in Egypt values research and is actively engaged in various successful research endeavours in order to position itself, among the academic institutions in Africa, the Middle East and the whole world, as a research-led university where teaching is informed by the state-of-the-art research activities of its academic staff.  Staff members are offered various incentive packages and flexible work load models to allow for their active involvement in research activities and research grant generation.


The BUE has established several research centres which are rapidly becoming centres of excellence in their fields of interest.  The British University in Egypt promotes both pure and applied research as a ‎necessary and vital part of its role as a University within both academic and wider ‎communities.

Research is even introduced to undergraduate students as an integral component of their education at BUE.  Working in research projects and producing their research graduation dissertations, prepare our students to be independent, self learning thinkers ready for embarking on a continuously changing and developing world.

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