Terms of Reference

  1. To act in a proactive manner to initiate, promote and develop research in the University
  2. To develop, maintain and oversee the implementation of coordinated Research Strategy and advise on the resource and budgetary implications of this strategy.
  3. To identify areas of research strength within the University and to advise on priorities for support and to identify areas of potential growth.
  4. To monitor and evaluate research performance within the University.
  5. In the context of the University research Strategy and the identified corporate priorities, to advise the Chair of the Committee on the relative strengths and merits of research proposals received from staff.
  6. To oversee the consideration and evaluation of individual Staff Research Plans and to advise on any reduction in teaching load which might be applied to facilitate research activity.
  7. To oversee University budgets identified for research and to advise on allocation priorities.
  8. To identify and disseminate sources of potential research funding and to encourage research sponsorship and industrial/commercial engagement with the University’s academic work.
  9. To facilitate the establishment of higher degrees by research in the University and the recruitment of research     student’s and research assistants.
  10. To report to the University Board at least annually
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