Research Centres & Facilities



A central research lab facility is currently being established in order to provide a basic multi-disciplinary research infra-structure at the BUE.  Such facility is currently housing a high performance computing facility. The central research lab facility shall be capable of supporting multi-disciplinary research activities across the BUE system. 

Research Centres

The BUE, as a research lead university, has identified the importance of integrating research centres as one of the cornerstones of any University.  The BUE currently houses three functional research centres, namely, Centre for Theoretical Physics (CTP), Centre for Advanced Materials (CAM) and Centre for Arabic & Islamic Studies (CAIS).  All three centres are actively engaged in research activities through the harnessing of research grants and funds, which is reflected in their research outcomes such as publications and international conference participations.

The BUE is currently planning the establishment of a research centre for Renewable Energy which is envisioned to fill in a much needed role in the development and maintenance of sustainable, environment friendly systems and communities.

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