Research Day Off

It is well known that academic staff members have a wide variety of responsibilities which complement each other to result in a successful career.   Such responsibilities include teaching, research and community involvement.  The BUE has identified itself as a research led university and it is the belief of this university that the research activities of all staff members are an essential component of a successful professional development which would lead to a successful learning and teaching process.  The BUE has devised an academic staff workload allocation framework which identifies the regulations underpinning the establishment of an academic staff workload model.  In addition, a one day off system for research involvement is also available for academic staff according to preset guidelines.   It is also known that Teaching Assistants are required to progress in their postgraduate studies towards a Master’s and/or PhD degrees.  Appreciating the importance of its human base as the main driving force toward a continuously developing future, the BUE is allowing its Teaching Assistants the option of a single research day off/week.  The following summarise the guidelines for research day off for academic staff as well as teaching assistants working full time at BUE.

Guidelines for Academics


Guidelines for TAs

Application Form for Academics

Application Form for TAs

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